Description Easy Sticker Ultraclear 180μ

Easy Sticker Ultraclear 180μ – TAG Digital® is an ultra-transparent PET film with silicon adhesive specially designed for printing and application on glass. It can be applied to windows, flat surfaces such as refrigerators, tiles, furniture, etc.). It can be used indoors and outdoors.

The film can only be printed with UV inks.

The Easy Sticker Ultraclear 180μ – TAG Digital® has a thickness of 180μ. The adhesive is an ultraclear silicon adhesive which makes it easy to apply. The liner is a 25μ PET film that gives the adhesive a high transparency.

This product is ideal for printing visuals in UV inks with different possible combinations such as white + Quadri, Quadri mirror + white for indoor placement, Quadri mirror + white + Quadri for doublesided vision, … This product is mainly intended for flat surfaces.

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